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COINSTIRS is just getting started in the cryptocurrency world. We entered this highly complex field with the goal of making the process simple and painless for our clients.

It wasn't long ago that people all over the world discovered crypto, which is why we created this platform that allows you to earn money by facilitating quick, easy, and safe transactions. Our goal is to provide accurate information and provide legitimate solutions that enable our clients to earn large amounts of money while remaining safe.

If you are new to bitcoin or digital currency and want to enter the market fully prepared, we are always available to provide you with the necessary guidance!


Our Features

easy funding
Easy funding

Trade with confidence at the best prices with us, with no hidden costs or fees.

currency exchange
Buy, Sell, Trade cryptocurrencies

With us, you can easily trade in a wide range of Cryptocurrencies including the low cap coins (aka Shit Coin | Poo coins) using multiple payment methods.


We provide you with a trading environment that puts you in control while also allowing you to grow your portfolio.

cash out
Cash out

We are a full-service marketplace where payments are processed in a matter of minutes without deductions.

Services we offer

Buy and Sell Crypto

One stop platform to buy and sell the crypto based on the current market rate with ease


Dollar investment

COINSTIRS helps clients maximise their US Dollar investments so that they can earn a lot of money. You can easily manage your account with us and profit handsomely from dollar-based transactions.



We provide a comprehensive range of crypto swapping services that are both convenient and secure.

Why Choose Coinstirs?

Non-custodial wallet

We take great care and time to research and develop a secure non custodial wallet platform that allows you to conduct your trading activities with ease.


Instant Exchange

The exchange support we provide our customers is incomparable. Whether it's trading, transactions, or investments, you can count on our system to respond quickly.


Expert Support

Our support system is completely dependable and responsive. Our expert team is always available to provide you with the necessary assistance so that you can confidently enter the world of Cryptocurrencies.

coinstirs services

Our Team

We've put together a highly skilled and knowledgeable team with extensive experience in the field of cryptocurrency. We've worked hard to assemble a team with the necessary skills to provide our clients with a secure and user-friendly platform that allows you to profit from every action you take in the crypto market.

JuanUI Genius
SandeepBlockchain Architect
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Coinstirs?

Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies is very popular these days. Many people want to invest in cryptocurrency in the hopes of making a large profit in a short period of time. Finding the ideal platform for cryptocurrency trading and investment, on the other hand, is difficult. Coinstirs has established itself as the most efficient and dependable cryptocurrency trading and investment platform. It's secure, dependable, and fast.

What is blockchain, exactly?

Blockchain is a decentralised electronic ledger that can't be tampered with. Consider it similar to an accounting ledger book, a cash book, a land title register, or a medical health record. The main difference is that records in a traditional accounting book or land title register can be changed, whereas records on the blockchain cannot.

What is the difference between cryptocurrencies and blockchain?

Blockchains are designed to use cryptocurrencies as "ink" for recording transactions on the network. Cryptocurrencies are thus distinct from blockchain, but remain an essential component of the technology. We'll go over how a privately-run blockchain may or may not use cryptocurrencies later, but such use of privately-run blockchains is extremely limited and costly.

What are the functions of cryptocurrencies? And where do coinstirs come in?

Consider blockchain to be a network of millions of interconnected user-nodes that keeps track of transactions. This record-keeping infrastructure is built and maintained by these user-nodes, who also use it for their own records. Users must use "ink" to write their records because the technology is designed that way. Users collect ink as a fee from other users when they build and maintain infrastructure. After that, the users write with their own ink. This makes the blockchain ecosystem self-sustaining, as it is not owned, built, or maintained by any government or organisation.

This ink is entirely made up of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies are given to the nodes as a reward for continuing to build and maintain the blockchain. As a result, without cryptocurrencies, a self-sustaining blockchain, also known as a "public" blockchain, is not possible. Cryptocurrencies may not be required for a "private" blockchain that is built and maintained privately (for example, a CBDC blockchain run by the government).

Everyone nowadays wants to invest in cryptocoins. Investing in cryptocurrencies can help you become wealthy quickly. Coinstirs allows investors and traders to invest their hard-earned money in crypto coins safely.

It not only offers a fantastic trading and investment platform, but it also doesn't charge a lot of money to use it.